ERP News Magazine March 2023 - Issue #36

ERP News Magazine March 2023 - Issue #36

ERP News Magazine March 2023 – Issue #36 – Download Here (PDF)

Digital transformation is a bumpy road for most businesses, but if a well-structured and clear roadmap is created for their digital strategy, they can benefit from it by automating their operations and tasks and reducing the labor-intensive time. A digital roadmap should outline the steps and resources needed to deploy a company’s digital strategy and achieve its goals.

In this issue of ERP News Magazine March 2023, we have explored the digital transformation trends that help organizations keep track of the latest changes in technology and how to map out a digital transformation roadmap and its challenges.

Do not miss out on the articles written by the thought leaders of the foremost ERP vendors and check out the exclusive interview with Ninian Wilson, CEO at Vodafone Procurement Company, and Ajay Agrawal, CEO and Co-founder at SirionLabs in which we had the opportunity to discuss the CLM selection phase of Vodafone Procurement Company and the benefits of their new CLM software.

The latest news on the ERP industry, customer studies, and much more are also awaiting you through the following pages as always!

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