Erpnews_Issue #25

ERP News Magazine March 2022 – Issue #25 – Download Here (PDF)

Each person’s fingerprint is unique. And every business is as unique as a fingerprint as well. Even if the product that is produced or the service that is offered are the same, the processes might be completely different. The uniqueness of your processes can make you a leader in your industry but also vice versa… The most important step towards successful digitization is to take full control over your current processes with the right ERP system. This fact brings many alternatives along with it. Finding the right software in a market that grows and diversifies every year is perhaps one of the ways to prove your uniqueness!

ERP News Magazine March 2022

An industry-specific ERP system provides capabilities that align with your industry’s unique needs and improve your processes. And if you have questions on your mind regarding the industry-specific solutions, this issue of ERP News Magazine will definitely clear up your path.

Industry-specific ERP software can not only add speed and efficiency to your business with special modules and functions required by your industry but can also help fuel your unique processes and put you one step ahead. If you want to go beyond the one-size-fits-all perception created by generic ERP systems, you can start turning the pages for a complete roadmap.

Jason Schaps, Head of Cloud – RISE at SAP for SAP North America, answered our questions regarding industry-specific ERP solutions and helped us discover what’s behind the scenes of SAP’s success. Furthermore, we discussed the increasing importance of Tax Management in a digitalizing world with Liz Armbruester, SVP, Global Compliance at Avalara.

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