Commercial Electrical Safety Essentials For Business Owners

Workforce safety is a priority for all business owners as it does more than prevent accidents. It enhances employee morale and productivity, boosts retention, and promotes your employer’s brand. Most importantly, businesses in the UK have to follow stringent safety guidelines to stay on the right side of the law. While electrical hazards abound in the trade industry, even office workers are constantly at risk. You must do your bit to minimize these hazards and ensure your employees remain safe at work. Let us share the commercial electrical safety essentials business owners must follow. 

Install protection devices

Installing protection devices gives you the best start with workplace safety from electrical hazards. For example, a circuit breaker automatically gets into action when the grid is overwhelmed. It interrupts the current flow to prevent potential injury to people and damage to assets in the area. Consider these devices a small investment to safeguard your workplace from mishaps in the long run.

Maintain your equipment

Investing in quality equipment for your workplace is only half the work. Regular maintenance of your equipment, machinery, and tools can save you a fortune on the repair cost. You have to worry less about an unexpected disruption due to sudden breakdowns. Most importantly, it can avert mishaps due to defects and malfunctions. Schedule frequent checks for wear and tear, add and test lubricants timely, and facilitate regular servicing to keep your equipment running smoothly and safely.

Implement risk assessment

Besides regular maintenance, you must implement a risk assessment process for your premises. The procedure aims to identify the potential risks to employees and know the possible injuries that could follow. Factors like the type of electrical equipment installed, the environment it is used in, and how it is used determine the risks. PAT testing is a key element of risk assessment compliance. Organizations running in London should collaborate with experts for PAT Testing London to ensure compliance. Once you know the risk, you must also decide on the precautions and implement mitigation strategies.

Never overload outlets

Overloading outlets may have dire implications that endanger the safety of your employees and work with the risks of overheating and fire. Electrical adapters supply more power to machines, but they can compromise safety in a crowded working environment. Keep track of power outlets and ensure optimal loads. Also, be extra cautious while using extension leads. Ensure that the tools and appliances plugged into the outlets never exceed the maximum current rating.

Use safety signage

Besides implementing electrical safety measures, you must display signage to warn employees of possible hazards. Although signage is a simple practice, it goes a long way in preventing injury and mishaps in workplaces. Place warning signs near the equipment and include text to indicate or prohibit actions. Signage also promotes the safety of visitors and contractors and prevents personal injury litigation for your company.

Following these commercial electrical safety essentials is a no-brainer. These small measures can save you big money down the line. They also make you a responsible employer and compliant business owner.