Cloud Elements, an API integration provider, today announced a strategic partnership with MicroStrategy® Incorporated, a leading worldwide provider of enterprise analytics and mobility software, to add connectors from the Cloud Elements library of over 130 third-party applications. The strategic partnership will help organizations connect to new sources of data and drive greater BI and analytics insight while fully leveraging existing investments from leading cloud applications.

Together with Cloud Elements, MicroStrategy will extend its unified platform for enterprise analytics and mobility beginning with the most popular cloud applications. These connectors cover market leading solutions in the CRM, digital marketing, cloud storage, ERP, accounting, financial, project management and social media areas. The strategic partnership enables API developers to work with simple, yet feature-rich connectors to create high-value APIs and focus on building differentiated analytics and mobility user experiences.

Announced today at MicroStrategy World™ 2018, the strategic partnership will extend MicroStrategy’s ability to transform data into business intelligence for users across the organization.  The collaboration leverages the Cloud Elements catalog of over 130 pre-built integrations to cloud and on-premise applications that unify the developer experience across every endpoint.

“With this strategic partnership, we are enabling our customers to discover and leverage all their data assets to build MicroStrategy applications for the entire workforce,” said Tim Lang, Senior Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, MicroStrategy Incorporated.  “Enterprises can now seamlessly connect to high-performance analytics and mobility applications, improving how the business and its employees report and share information and take action.”

“Our strategic partnership with MicroStrategy is one more step towards Cloud Elements’ vision of distributing our Elements (connectors) across leading intelligence platforms. Together, we are transforming data from existing investments into decisions,” said Cloud Elements CEO and Co-Founder Mark Geene.  “MicroStrategy has access to our rapidly expanding catalog of elements, each with built-in features that make integration faster, easier to use and more reliable.”