small business

ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning Software can be a big benefit to small and medium sized business because it links your business operations together on a single platform.  The ERP sits at the heart of the business – with finance at its core. A range of functions from project management to HR radiate from that core, all sharing a single database. This allows managers to see what is going on right across the business and ultimately helps to cut costs and increase efficiency. Here are some more benefits of ERP…

small business

Joined up thinking

With ERP in place, departments are no longer cut off from one another with their data locked away into separate systems. Common business processes can now progress smoothly from one department to another without the need to re-enter data or search manually for information. With an ERP system in place all the relevant data is readily available and mistakes are drastically reduced.

Better management at your fingertips

With an ERP system designed for small to mid-sized business you get clear visibility across departments and a single source of data truth. This means you can spot problems more easily. The latest ERPs, designed to be used in the cloud, allow you to drill down through layers of information to get detail about where you are not performing and why.  A software system that operates in real time means an accurate view 24/7 – allowing you to plan more efficiently. When you are this responsive you can really take advantage of changing situations and new opportunities.

The Advantage of automation

Standardising and repeating your most common business processes means you can concentrate on the exceptions. An experienced and responsible ERP provider will take the time to get to know you and align your processes in a way which gets the best from the system – for good outcomes every time.

Geared for growth

When you cut out duplication, you free staff to concentrate on more important tasks like growing your business and dealing with increasing volumes efficiently.

Are there any down sides?

ERP can be highly beneficial to businesses of all sizes but it works best where management are committed to the project. Implementations succeed when people are motivated at all levels and can feed that knowledge and enthusiasm back into the organisation.

Time, effort and yes, money is required. However the cost of an out of the box ERP for small or mid-sized business based in the cloud is a fraction of the old bespoke systems of yesteryear.

Training and on-going support are vital elements so don’t forget to budget for them.

Choose the right partner and plan well to ensure success.

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