Boosting awareness for the global charity event Giving Tuesday is incredibly important. With as little as 18% of people aware of Giving Tuesday, it is crucial to drive the awareness for such a charitable cause – especially when compared to the 93% of people aware of Black Friday.

How can you prepare for Giving Tuesday, though? To prepare and drive such awareness, email marketing can be your saving grace when trying to hit fundraiser goals. Here’s how charities can plan for a successful Giving Tuesday this November.

Make Yourself Noticeable

To increase your online visibility, you will want to ensure you emails can be read across multiple devices. On an average day, 53% of emails are read on a mobile device, which increased to 75% during the holidays. Therefore, to become more noticeable, you need to invest in a user-friendly, easy to read and navigate email template for mobiles, tablets and desktops. By doing so, you could see a 34% increase in donations.

Provide Interesting Copy

Instead of sending an email containing heavy copy, consider including a video instead. Our attention spans are decreasing, therefore, if your email does not generate enough interest quickly, then your readers will become disinterested. Including an email can increase open rates by up to 13%; conversions can also increase by 21%.

Personalize and Customize Via Segmented Campaigns

Do not send a one size fits all email to your volunteers. Instead, collect data so you can segment your findings. You want to document any online behaviors, browser history, gender, location and age; you then want to utilize the information by curating a relevant email which is sent via automation. The subject line should be personalized, as well as the copy found in the email. Marketers have found that by collecting data and sending out personalized email campaigns, there has been a 760% increase in email revenue.