Introducing a new subscription for managing work across an entire organization with Atlassian Together 

Today at its inaugural Work Life event in San Francisco, USA, Atlassian Corporation Plc (NASDAQ: TEAM), a leading provider of team collaboration and productivity software, unveiled a new work management offering – Atlassian Together – and several new product capabilities.  

Recognizing the changing nature of how we work, Atlassian released these new products and features to help align autonomous teams and the tools they choose to use to power businesses’ digital transformation efforts. To drive cross-team collaboration, Atlassian products are built on the Atlassian Platform, which is open by design, giving teams the freedom to integrate easily with their favorite tools and stay aligned with universally accessible project context, status, and processes. 

Atlassian Corporation Plc unveiled a new work management offering - Atlassian Together - and several new product capabilities.
Atlassian Corporation Plc unveiled a new work management offering – Atlassian Together – and several new product capabilities.  

Introducing Atlassian Together 

Atlassian Together is a single subscription to Atlassian’s work management products – Confluence, Trello, Jira Work Management, Atlas, and Access. Over 150,000 customers use Atlassian work management products today. The new subscription provides organizations with a complete Atlassian toolset that helps teams choose the best tool for the job while ensuring alignment across the organization.  

Smart Links Drives Next Level Alignment 

Smart Links is a new capability built on the Atlassian platform that helps users access information across Atlassian and third-party apps. Team members can find and insert content, create and edit work items across products, and access key information from all their tools without leaving their current tab. 

Regardless of where work happens—be it in Confluence, Google Doc, Figma, or Trello—Smart Links make that work easy to search, edit and see across applications. Smart Links extends the visibility of information beyond the walls of apps and teams, making it easier for teams to collaborate and track progress. 

Smart Links is available today with Atlassian cloud products, bringing information across all our work management tools – and third-party applications. 

Unified Admin Controls Across Tools within Atlassian Together

Atlassian is unifying the administration experience and eliminating redundant steps across all work management tools, resulting in simplified day-to-day management. Some of the benefits for administrators include; integrated user and access management across Atlassian work management products, minimized tool sprawl, resulting in a streamlined process for audits, compliance, and security reviews, and fewer onboarding and licensing requests. 

Atlas Is Coming Out of Beta 

Introduced at TEAM’22, Atlas will be coming out of beta next month. Since its introduction, customers in the early access program have benefited from loads of new features and improvements, including richer integrations, tighter controls, and more flexible reporting. 

Erika Trautman, head of product for Atlassian’s Work Management offerings, said, “At Atlassian, we’re obsessed with designing products that unleash the potential of every team. Our leading work management products enable teams to choose the best tool for their needs and work differently. But delivering amazing products on their own is not enough. They must connect with each other, and all the other apps teams are using to get work done, to bring the teams together. The new offering and capabilities we unveiled today will drive this powerful cross-team collaboration.” 

About Atlassian 

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