TrackX Holdings Inc., an enterprise Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) software platform provider, announces that a leading, household appliance manufacturer has selected TrackX to implement yard distribution and supply chain logistics solutions. The initial implementation will be at one of the customer’s principal U.S. manufacturing and distribution facilities with 3 additional U.S. locations identified for deployment in 2018.  The solution includes hardware and recurring SaaS (Software as a Service) fees as well as professional services to integrate with existing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software.

In the first phase of deployment, TrackX’s GAME (Global Asset Management for Enterprises) for Supply Chain Management (SCM) software platform will focus on optimizing yard, dock and gate related business activities. In the yard, GAME for SCM provides real-time equipment visibility utilizing a variety of IIoT devices to enable real-time tracking of transportation equipment and trailers throughout a large business park. GAME for SCM will manage the arrival, departure and inventory of all transportation equipment within the facility.  It will also dynamically assign tasks to the shunt drivers responsible for the movement of trailers to and from inventory locations, at the distribution docks and between facilities. The result will include: improved equipment utilization, efficient labor management, increased efficiency at the dock, a reduction in carrier detention charges, improved security and accountability at the gate, accurate inventory, and labor savings across all yard related business processes. Future expansions could include returnable container tracking and further optimization of other high value assets.

“We are excited to be working with another multi-billion dollar enterprise that is spearheading IIoT initiatives to optimize their supply chain,” said Tim Harvie, TrackX President and CEO. “This customer, a leader within their industry, fully understands that asset tracking and inventory management are fundamental competitive advantages, and we’re proud that they have chosen TrackX to increase efficiencies within their operations.”