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An Insightful Introduction to IoT Healthcare Software Development

The internet of things (IoT) can do wonders for a healthcare center. This is a sophisticated technology where systems, software, […]

ERP News Magazine May 2024 - Issue #43

ERP News Magazine May 2024 – Issue #43

In this month’s edition of ERP News Magazine, “Sustainability Integration in ERP: Greening the Supply Chain.” As businesses globally face the urgent call for environmental stewardship, the role of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems has transcended traditional boundaries, evolving into powerful enablers of sustainable practices.

How SAP BTP Users Keep Their Environments Secure

In 2021, SAP packaged several services and products into a single platform that would allow businesses to make better and […]

oil and gas

Advancing the Industry: Next-Level Equipment for Enhanced Oil and Gas Operations

Adapting to challenges with innovative solutions is crucial for staying ahead in the oil and gas industry. Especially when dealing […]

SAP Patch

How To Deploy The Most Common SAP Patches

SAP is one of the most widely-used ERP systems globally, so it makes sense that it’s regularly being updated to […]


Unleash travel agency operations with TravelOperations ERP powered by Dynamics 365

Welcome to the future of travel agency management softwares! With TravelOperations ERP powered by Dynamics 365, your travel agency is […]

Importance of Safety and Efficiency in Industrial Sites

Importance of Safety and Efficiency in Industrial Sites

Safety and efficiency are paramount in industrial sites, where complex processes, heavy machinery, and hazardous materials pose significant risks to […]

ERP News Magazine February 2024 – Issue #42

In this month’s edition of ERPNews Magazine, “Blockchain Integration in ERP: Transforming Security and Transparency,” explores the transformative potential blockchain brings to ERP systems, enhancing the integrity, security, and transparency of digital transactions in an era that demands nothing less.

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Safety Compliance

The Vital Role of Safety Compliance Consultants

In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, ensuring the safety and well-being of employees is paramount. As regulations and standards become more stringent, businesses across various industries are recognizing the need for dedicated expertise in safety compliance.