Syufy Enterprises decided to use Infor Talent Science to build more successful teams. With more than 1,700 employees, the company will have access to the tools needed to predict behavioral predicted data based on actual business results with Infor solutions.


Infor, a leading provider of industry-specific cloud applications, today announced that Syufy Enterprises, a leading entertainment and leisure company that owns a variety of businesses, including high-end athletic clubs and spas, restaurants, golf venues, shopping centers, public markets and drive-in theaters, has decided to deploy Infor Talent Science to build more successful teams. Specifically, Syufy will utilize Infor solutions at its VillaSport Athletic Club and Spa division, and will have access to tools to predictively link behavioral data to real business outcomes. This will allow hiring managers to find right-fit talent more easily across its five locations that currently employ over 1,700 employees.

Infor Talent Science is a cloud-based application that helps drive better business performance through hiring, developing, and retaining the right people. After go-live, VillaSport will be better prepared to reduce turnover of its hourly employees, improve the quality of hires, and identify career paths for both applicants and existing employees. By elevating the hiring process with data science to find the right employee for the right position, the organization will be able to improve customer experiences while also driving more memberships throughout the club.

“Infor will be able to help our hiring managers maintain consistency throughout the hiring process at our clubs and will allow us to build more reliable hiring benchmarks, which will in turn help us better reach and support our customer base,” said Christi Damasco, senior vice president, Human Resources, Syufy Enterprises. “Infor’s modern technology platform will allow us to lean on data to make more-informed hiring decisions, build teams with lower attrition rate, and confidently staff the very best people to represent our growing brand.”

Infor will work with hiring teams at VillaSport to create a “top performer” profile for key positions. By leveraging behavioral and performance data of incumbent employees in those selected roles, Infor Talent Science will help the organization build a Custom Performance Profile, which blueprints the soft skills and characteristics that allow its best performers to consistently thrive in the role today. From there, Infor Talent Science technology can evaluate behavioral, cognitive, and cultural traits to find out the Behavioral DNA® of each applicant. The pre-employment assessment software will allow hiring teams to compare the characteristics of the candidate against the attributes of the strongest performers, which is built into a Performance Profile. Once established, the Performance Profile becomes the benchmark for defining best-fit characteristics for a given role, providing a consistent structure and a common language for evaluating applicants.

Once the candidate is hired, Infor Talent Science is also able to help deploy engaged talent through the creation of individualized employee behavioral data insights, personalized intelligent development plans, and the tools to benchmark, track, and measure performance and turnover.

“From the minute a new candidate submits an application, hiring managers are able to remove guesswork from the equation on whether or not they would be an ideal fit. They now have concrete predictive data that will allow them to quickly identify top talent,” said Oliver Yates, vice president, Talent Applications, Infor. “Infor Talent Science gives companies the power to consistently hire top performers, improve diversity, reduce the time to hire, reshape the business culture, and drive other key metrics.”