JAGGAER, the world’s largest independent spend management company, has been selected by Florida Polytechnic University, the newest institution in the State University System of Florida, to facilitate the university’s spend management needs both now and as they expand to become more complex over the next few years using JAGGAER’s spend analysis solution.

“We initially chose JAGGAER for its ease of implementation, its reliable data collection and analysis, and for its ability to compare data and work with the different ERP systems of the other State University System schools,” said David O’Brien, Director of Procurement at Florida Polytechnic University. “As a young university, we have a very tight budget. We need a tool that not only measures the disparity between our budget and our actual spend, but also shows where our spend is going between services and commodities. Our initiatives to significantly drive enrollment over the next five years requires a tool that can handle the associated increase in complexity, and we’re confident JAGGAER will deliver the level of sophistication we’ll need in the near future.”

“One of the most exciting aspects of working with brand new schools like Florida Poly is that we can help them achieve a spend management process with complete visibility early on to support rapid growth initiatives while keeping within a lean budget,” said Robert Bonavito, CEO at JAGGAER. “We’re continuing to build momentum in the education market with over 600 college and university campuses using JAGGAER’s spend management solutions.”