Every company definitely needs a warehouse as a place to control the in and out of products that have been produced. Where before the product is marketed it is first stored in a warehouse. Therefore, the ability to manage logistics is needed so that the old product immediately gets out of the warehouse so that it does not experience a reduction in quality value. One easy way to manage warehouses is an automation program with artificial intelligence-based robots (AI). Where using these robots can improve company resource planning (ERP). This is because if ERP increases, the quality of Supply Chain Management (SCM) increases so that the condition of warehousing is safe and there is no more accumulation of products in the warehouse.


Currently the technology is developing rapidly, robots today are significantly more intelligent than its predecessors. Although people who argue that this could adversely affect the work, but the ability of a robot that helps the human task, especially in the area of the warehouse. The development of artificial intelligence (AI) makes human life easier because it has been replaced by robots. Besides that, robots are faster and more agile in doing everything according to what humans do.

Another robot would bring the value of financial benefits, the robot must be connected to all environmental aspects of the digital world and the real world. This is where the role of ERP is becoming increasingly important in every warehousing modern manufacturing company. Although the use of ERP with the robot easily but if without have the ability to manage these components as links to the available data, and understand where efficiency gains can be obtained, the company then easily lose appeal for their customer.

ERP is an enabler that brings more dynamic integration than warehouse to the market in providing digital financial accountability. Besides that, it is fast IoT (internet of thing) and the connectedness of the manufacturing environment, employees, business partners and suppliers can have real-time access to market demand through smart devices .

ERP allows companies to monitor inventory levels, shipping processes and other important elements such as profitability, cash, and directly from the ERP system on smart devices. In this era, the use of automation is needed to make it faster and more cost-effective. Therefore, a strong ERP solution is needed to ensure that companies can more easily accommodate various interests. The owners of large companies have started utilizing ERP in monitoring the sustainability of the company such as entering and leaving the product in the warehouse or monitoring the goods can easily.