SyncHR, a leader in Human Capital Management (HCM) cloud-based software, announced today its next generation HCM platform has been selected by Huffmaster Companies®. Huffmaster, the leading provider of strike management solutions, chose SyncHR® based on the software’s unique ability to easily manage retroactive changes while maintaining data accuracy, the platform’s seamless integration with NetSuite® ERP, and the high level of automation delivered by the system across core HR, benefits, and payroll.


Fortune 500 and healthcare businesses rely upon Huffmaster to assist with all aspects of pre-strike contingency planning and, if a work stoppage occurs, to provide replacement workers, strike trained uniformed officers, and supporting services. Huffmaster often must adjust the size of its workforce quickly – up and down – to meet the needs of its clients. “Managing the daily variables of our workforce is extremely challenging,” said Trevor Fandale, Vice President of Finance at Huffmaster Companies. “SyncHR’s next generation HRIS software will enable us to easily manage our workforce in a single core system of record, and automate our burdensome manual processes. Not only will it improve the accuracy of our payroll and increase the speed of service delivery, it will also deliver significant cost savings.”

Some of the advanced technology capabilities of SyncHR’s platform that will help Huffmaster continue to elevate its level of operations include:

  • Fully-automated and simplified payroll processing with the ability to easily change and track variables within a specific timeframe – past, present, and future.
  • A user-friendly, single-source solution to facilitate the employee lifecycle and for all users across the company – human resources and payroll teams, workers, managers and executives.
  • The ability to capture and store historical worker data to be easily accessed at a future date for proactive workforce planning and more precise management.
  • Seamless NetSuite GL integration for better data accuracy, improved transparency, and the unique ability to turn payroll into an invoice.

“Selecting SyncHR as our solution partner is like picking the next big software before anyone else knows about it,” said Fandale. “It will be exciting to see years from now how many benefits we will have received from implementing this system.”

“We are very excited to have been selected by Huffmaster to meet their complex human capital management needs,” said Pamela Glick, Chief Executive Officer at SyncHR. “The workforce and payroll challenges Huffmaster faces are the exact reasons we developed our innovative, next generation platform. We built our software from the ground up, in the cloud, based on our intimate knowledge of what companies need in order to lower human capital management costs and operate more efficiently. We look forward to working alongside Huffmaster for many years to come.”

SyncHR’s next generation, HCM platform is redefining and simplifying human capital management for mid-market companies. It provides critical advantages not found in traditional systems by fully automating HR, benefits, and payroll processes, better enabling workforce planning and agility, and centralizing data to ensure accuracy and consistency at all times.


Source: Nasdaq GlobeNewswire