We all have a pulse. Hopefully yours is strong, and you monitor it often. But metaphorically speaking, as fans, our favorite team has a pulse as well, and it’s important to keep your finger on it.

But what exactly is the pulse of a team, and why should it matter? It’s basically the lifeline of your favorite club – and for true fans, we can’t live without a strong connection.


#CityPulse Wall

Through co-innovation, SAP and Manchester City unveiled the #CityPulse Wall to ensure their fans never miss a beat. The wall aims to enhance the match day experience and with so much going on each week, it can be difficult to follow the latest in player performance and match statistics.

Manchester City and SAP are simplifying this process by changing the way fans can access and consume data. With the unveiling of the #CityPulse Wall, a fan-friendly, interactive digital wall, fans will look at the game in an entirely new way. Here’s what it can let you do:

  • Unleash powerful insights, real-time stats, and player profiles for every player across Manchester City’s First Team, Women’s Team, and Elite Development Squad
  • Dive deeper into key performance indicators tailored by positions on the field. SAP will also present a ‘Key SAP Insight’ for each first team player to display how they compare to teammates
  • Engage with a live social media feed displaying fan conversation and sentiment around the world
  • View player leaderboards, matchday stats, head-to-head team comparisions and video content
  • Create and share your own digital postcard, and participate in fan quizzes and polls

At the Stadium

Imagine a group of avid fans walking into Etihad Stadium, past City Square. They can instantly view advanced insights on their favorite player’s performance that would’ve otherwise gone unnoticed. The #CityPulse Wall will be prominently displayed, with something exciting to engage fans of all ages. The abundance of data captured behind the scenes – feeds into the wall through the SAP HANA Cloud Platform.

Over the course of the season, as fans have increasingly more hands-on opportunities with the Premier League’s first fan-friendly, interactive digital installation, SAP and Manchester City will collect user feedback to continue enhancing this fans-first initiative. Think of it as an evolving wall that will continue to enhance the matchday experience down the road, based on the needs of fans.

With 400 million Manchester City followers around the world, SAP is leveraging breakthrough technologies to help them connect with fans and improve their experience both in the stadium and online. Together, SAP is helping City Football Group achieve its goal to become the most digitally engaged and innovative group in the world, and the #CityPulse Wall is another way we’re working together to bring fans closer to the live action on the field.

Author: Ryan Somers