We’re delighted to announce our new partnership with FortConsult, as we welcome them into the robust worldwide Pipol Alliance. The Danish-based IT security consultancy brings invaluable global expertise, meeting the high market demand for increased security across industries.

FortConsult builds impactful solutions for their clients’ biggest IT security challenges. They have been helping their clients raise their security maturity for more than 15 years, consulting on how to deal with specific, as well as broad, threats to their businesses.


Experts in providing deep technical cyber security assessments and end-to-end information assurance

Because digitalization touches nearly everything today, customers need to feel confident about their IT security and compliance. In particular, customers changing their ERP/CRM must address increased IT security concerns. FortConsult provides deep technical cyber security assessments and end-to-end information assurance, through a range of focused services: cyber security consulting, GDPR compliance consulting & data protection, Managed Security Services (MSS), payment security, penetration testing, mobile security, application security, and security awareness and training. They help their clients answer critical questions like How do we become compliant with regulations such as PCI DSS or GDPR? Are we able to withstand a targeted attack? Have we already been compromised? How do we respond to a security breach? Are our web and mobile applications secure?

“From my first talk to Pipol´s CEO Poul Kjær, we immediately agreed on the importance of enhancing customer resilience to cyber threats during business transformation. The corporate financial risks and consequences are far too big to ignore when a customer makes such an investment, which is why cyber security, governance, risk and compliance services are now included in Pipol’s list of value-added services.” says Brigitte Simone Elwes, International Client Director at FortConsult (part of NCC Group). “FortConsult and NCC Group will support all partners and customers to help them reach higher levels of security maturity and bring them unrivalled expertise worldwide.”

Fort Consult’s partnership with Pipol offers valuable complementary synergies

“Pipol and FortConsult are a perfect fit,” says Morten Soeger, Group Director Channel & Alliances at Pipol. “The business transformation agenda we drive across our international customer base is closely aligned with the added value that FortConsult delivers in IT security, risk management, governance and compliance. They provide expertise and services that our Dynamics partners cannot always deliver themselves. As such, FortConsult’s partnership with the Pipol Alliance offers extremely valuable complementary synergies.”

As Pipol’s global customers typically have security at the forefront of their C-level agenda as a pain point to be mitigated, we are currently prospecting collaborative projects.

About FortConsult

FortConsult is part of U.K.-headquartered NCC Group – a global expert in cyber security and risk mitigation, with one of the world’s largest and most experienced teams of IT security consultants. With 1000+ security consultants in more than 35 offices across the globe, FortConsult and NCC Group are advising more than 15,000 clients and helping them reach higher levels of IT security.

Contact Information

Brigitte Simone Elwes, International Client Director, FortConsult
[email protected]