ERP News Magazine October 2019 - Issue #03

ERP News Magazine October 2019 - Issue #03

ERP News Magazine October 2019 – Issue #03Download Here (PDF)

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Hello to everyone from the third issue of ERP News Magazine,

We would like to thank our readers for not leaving us alone on this road. With the feedbacks and comments, we receive from you, ERP News continues reaching out to a worldwide audience, following every development closely on the enterprise software industry. We aim to share the most accurate and reliable content with our readers. Before you start turning the pages, I want to give you some hints on what we have prepared for you in this issue.

We tried to answer the most important and perhaps most frequently asked question of the ERP industry: How to choose the right ERP System for your business? If you are in the process of choosing an ERP, or if you have an idea to change your ERP system, this issue will help you a lot!

ERP News Magazine October 2019 – Issue #03

In the interview with Nicky Tozer, Oracle Netsuite Vice President of EMEA, we talked about the company’s growth across the region and Oracle NetSuite’s future goals. Nicky shares her views on what to look for and prioritize in your ERP selection process.

In this issue, we hope to shed light on your search about the right ERP software for your business. Let’s find the ERP that fits your business together!

See you in the next issue!