You may have heard about vaping, which is a modern form of smoking. Yet, many people might be unaware that the industry is transforming modern art for the better while transforming the smoking experience. We are therefore looking at the many ways vaping is changing the smoking and art industries.


Vaping and E-Cigarettes

Many people often confuse vaping with e-cigarettes, but both are different. Both use a battery-heated air to vaporize the e-liquid, but the big difference between the two is that e-cigarettes can resemble traditional cigarettes in their appearance, while vapes are available in various sizes, designs and shapes that offer thousands upon thousands of flavor combos.

Vaping is Now an Art Form

Vaping is changing the art world right now. The likes of Daniel Walsh has become a cultural leader in the vaping industry, as he has led the way to create a modern art form. The likes of King Titus is also dominating the vaping scene, creating unique tricks using vape clouds that cannot be replicated. It is, therefore, creating an artistic community, bringing together people from all walks of life to enjoy their passion for vaping.

You only need to take a look at King Titus’s mind-bending designs to see why many people are embracing the vape, with the aim of creating their own works of art. However, if you want to be as good as King Titus, you will have to put in a lot of hard work, as his smoke rings can defy belief, but it has only taken him a few years to become a leading artist in the vaping world.

You Can Subscribe to Vape Boxes

Those who absolutely adore vaping should certainly consider a vape subscription box from Auster, who only provide the highest quality e-liquid flavours to subscribers each month. You can also select the nicotine level and subscription duration to complement a person’s tastes and needs. So, you can look forward to a new box arriving on your doorstep each month, before experiencing different flavors that will help heighten your vaping experience. Click here for more information on the subscription boxes.

There are Thousands of Flavours to Choose From

There is honestly a flavour for every taste, from single match scotch for whiskey lovers to marshmallows for those with a sweet tooth. Whether you love fruit, spices or something a little savoury, you will not be disappointed with the flavour options available on the e-liquids. Those who enjoy vaping can mix up their flavours to alter their vape experience. So, whether you are looking for something a little fruity, exotic or adventurous, there are flavours to suit a palette, which you can enjoy as you create breath-taking art.

Vaping is Taking Over the E-Cigarette

E-cigarettes have taken a bit of a nose dive since they first were introduced to the market, dropping by 10.4% in 2014. It is believed the reason for the decline is that more people are turning to the vape instead of the e-cigarette. That is because vapes offer more flavors, tricks and premium e-liquids that more refined in their nature.