Sales are the lifeblood of a business as they keep the money churning and profits coming. But achieving goals is more challenging than ever in the competitive landscape. Not surprisingly, organizations are willing to go the extra mile by implementing sales coaching programs. Such initiatives empower your managers to coach the reps and ensure they know how to deal with bottlenecks. However, it takes more than providing them with the relevant tools and resources to build skilled teams. Let us share the ultimate sales coaching hacks you can rely on to double your revenues.

Organizations are willing to go the extra mile by implementing sales coaching programs.
Ultimate Sales Coaching Hacks

Provide regular training for your leaders

You must train your sales leaders to help them deliver on the coaching front. After all, managers can pass on expertise only if they are great at their job. A typical sales coach training initiative should be more than teaching selling techniques. You must also train them about mentoring the juniors so that they can imbibe the skills deeply. Also, think beyond one-time training but run ongoing training sessions to keep leaders on top of the coaching game.

Ditch the random approach

Random sales coaching has no formal plan and structure, so it is less likely to deliver results in the long run. Moreover, your team may not see the benefits from ad-hoc and sporadic sessions. Run a formal coaching program that happens on a regular basis and follows proper goals and roadmaps. Also, tailor it to the needs of your reps because it is the only way to achieve a significant difference in selling outcomes.

Choose a relevant model

Another sale coaching hack to get high-value revenue outcomes is by choosing a relevant model. You can explore traditional and modern sales coaching models to decide which one works for your business. The traditional models include GROW (goal, reality, options, wins), GAINS (goal, assessment, ideas, next steps, support), and CIGAR ( current reality, ideal reality, gaps, action, review). Conversely, the modern models entail AOR (activities, objectives, results) and ARC (activities, rhythm, conversations). Dig deep into each of these, and find a perfect fit.

Pick one thing at a time

Trying to improve everything at once sounds alluring to trainers, but it may not be the best way to strengthen your sales team. The best coaches pick one skill gap or challenge at a time instead of working on everything together. You may see smaller improvements, but the results are more sustainable. Help your reps pick their weakest areas and implement targeted improvements to address them effectively. They will learn quickly and move to the next step sooner than later.

Avoid one-size-fits-all approach

Your sales reps have diverse strengths and weaknesses, so coaching them with the same methodology is not the right approach. Some people are great at discovery calls, while others do well with negotiation conversations. Coaching them on the same topic may lead to a waste of time as you may end up teaching them things they already know or missing ones they don’t.

These practical hacks empower your sales reps to close more deals and generate more revenues for your business. Implement them sooner than later to get real and lucrative results that stay.