Adding on to your enterprise resource planning software solution with applications designed to help automate various processes can not only be expensive, but also extremely complicated. Your business is complicated enough. You need visibility across your entire operations, without all the headaches.


In a recent report, Aberdeen Group cited that top performing manufacturers are 2.2 times more likely to implement one, end-to-end ERP system with functionality that was previously provided by multiple, disparate systems.

What exactly does “end-to-end” ERP mean?

End-to-end ERP is a solution that enables one complete record that can be used for decision-making anytime, anywhere—most likely it is delivered in the cloud. Essentially, what end-to-end enterprise resource planning gives you is a single version of the truth.

Collaboration from the Plant Floor to the Top Floor—and Beyond

Not only can manufacturers improve collaboration with an end-to-end ERP software solution, but they can also share information across functions, including outside of the organization. Collaborating with suppliers or partners improves demand planning, reduces inventory, and helps you secure better prices for materials. You can also communicate better with customers to ensure that they get the right products when they need them.

Visibility and Traceability to Maintain Quality Standards

If one of your main strategies is to improve materials management, an end-to-end ERP solution can easily support you. Manufacturers with such a solution are 52 percent more likely to have real-time visibility into all processes, according to Aberdeen. That means all material information benefits from inventory traceability both upstream and downstream.

Performance and Profitability Proof

Manufacturers with an end-to-end ERP solution perform better across a variety of metrics including on-time delivery, schedule compliance, and inventory accuracy than those without one. Also, more functionality leads to greater benefits. In fact, Aberdeen cites those companies with a complete cloud ERP solution saw an eight percent improvement in profitability over the past two years.