ERP News Magazine May 2020 – Issue #09

As everyone continues to face these extreme measures, we have decided to postpone the publication date of our April edition to 21.05.2020 and turn the May edition into a Covid-19 special edition. Don’t give up on hope and finding the most creative idea for your business!
Stay healthy!


ERP News Magazine March 2020 – Issue #08

In the March issue, we dig a little deeper into how digital transformation has brought a tremendous opportunity for small and midsize companies, to become more competitive players in the global arena. If you want to succeed regardless of your company size, digitalization and its enabling technologies can be the answer!  This issue is a digital transformation guide for SMEs, which are the backbone of the economy all over the world.


ERP News Magazine February 2020 – Issue #07

In this issue of ERP News Magazine, we have prepared some exclusive unique content for you as usual! The role of cloud ERP in digital transformation is on the main agenda of our February issue. Cloud ERP, which takes ERP software to the next level by providing speed, agility, and instant information flow, provides great convenience to companies in terms of investment.


ERP News Magazine January 2020 – Issue #06

If you are curious about the unbreakable link between the digital transformation and ERP which has become a need rather than a luxury, then this issue is just for you!

ERP News Magazine Issue 05

ERP News Magazine December 2019 – Issue #05

In this issue, we asked the experts their “Top Predictions for the ERP Software Industry in 2020”. Given their responses and in the light of the advancements last year, we can say that Cloud ERP will continue to be popular this year. Again, the user experience will be at the top of the list for ERP vendors in 2020!

We hope that this year will bring you all the success you wish for!

See you in the next issue!

Happy New Year!


ERP News Magazine November 2019 – Issue #04

Our interview with Nick Goode, Executive Vice President, Sage Business Cloud X3 definitely makes this issue special! Nick shares his insights into the ERP industry and lets us see behind the scenes of Sage’s success.

We also asked the question of “how to choose the right implementation partner” to several professionals in this issue! You will be surprised by their different answers.

ERP News Magazine October 2019 - Issue #03

ERP News Magazine October 2019 – Issue #03

In the interview with Nicky Tozer, Oracle Netsuite VP of EMEA, we talked about the company’s growth across the region and Oracle NetSuite’s future goals.


ERP News Magazine September 2019 – Issue #02

Our comprehensive interview with Global Shop Solutions CEO Dusty Alexander provides an overview of the ERP industry.


ERP News Magazine August 2019 – Issue #01

We would like to thank everyone who contributed to our first issue where we focused on today’s trends about digital transformation. In the first issue of ERP News Magazine, you will find exclusive articles, news, success stories and interviews about Cloud ERP, Blockchain and Industry Based ERP.We hope you enjoy our first issue as much as we do!

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