ERP News August 2022 issue 30

ERP News Magazine August 2022 – Issue #30

In the August issue of ERPNews Magazine, we explored the reasons to implement mobile ERP and the benefits it can offer every enterprise.

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ERP News Magazine July 2022 – Issue #29

Can the advantages of a headless architecture be extended to benefit the ERP system itself? Has the era come of the headless ERP? In the July issue of ERPNews Magazine, we have dug deeper into the advantages of headless architecture and explored how headless ERP can help digitize businesses.

ERP News Magazine issue 28

ERP News Magazine June 2022 – Issue #28

Regardless of the industry that a business is operating in, time is a company’s most valuable resource. In an age where timely delivery of products and services is of paramount importance to maximize customer satisfaction, ignoring what the IT industry has to offer can have dire consequences for a business.

Erpnews_Issue #27

ERP News Magazine May 2022 – Issue #27

In today’s business world, understanding data is not only the key to success, but it also plays a key role in the future of businesses. Businesses can provide real-time access to data, streamline their processes and gain more insight with the right ERP software.  But integrating ERP with IoT data helps them to gain critical business insights instantaneously and improve operational efficiency.

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ERP News Magazine April 2022 – Issue #26

‘The only thing that does not change is the change itself.” is quite an appropriate quote for today’s business world. Businesses that ignore change cannot reach the finish line on the road to success. They should understand that technology is driving the change and digitalization is inevitable. The case is much clearer when it comes to e-commerce. Most businesses have had to figure out ways to get online and stay competitive during the pandemic but being online is not enough on its own to adapt to changing customer expectations.

Erpnews_Issue #25

ERP News Magazine March 2022 – Issue #25

Each person’s fingerprint is unique. And every business is as unique as a fingerprint as well. Even if the product that is produced or the service that is offered are the same, the processes might be completely different. The uniqueness of your processes can make you a leader in your industry but also vice versa… The most important step towards successful digitization is to take full control over your current processes with the right ERP system. This fact brings many alternatives along with it. Finding the right software in a market that grows and diversifies every year is perhaps one of the ways to prove your uniqueness!


ERP News Magazine February 2022 – Issue #24

Every business sets out to be successful. At the point we have reached today, it is necessary to evaluate more than one parameter to be successful. The software and software partner you choose are the two most important factors on the road to success. In order for a SME to be successful and grow its business, it needs to make the right choices. Considering the alternatives in today’s software market, what needs to be considered in the journey to success? That’s the question at the center of our 24th issue!

ERP News Magazine issue 23

ERP News Magazine January 2022 – Issue #23

While the pandemic is unlikely to fully end in 2022, we can hope to see some positive changes this year. Every business will pave a new path for itself with the lessons learned during the pandemic, but a common goal of all would be to get ready for the unexpected.

ERP News Magazine December 2021 – Issue #22

Each new year offers excitement and hope. What the new year brings to you will depend a great deal on what you bring to the new year. The year 2022 marks a new era for innovation.

ERP News Magazine issue 21

ERP News Magazine November 2021 – Issue #21

In today’s business world, having access to information at all times and all places is vital for all industries. Mobile technologies have become an indispensable part of our lives and using a mobile ERP for businesses is becoming crucial for accessing, and sharing the business data in real-time through the mobile devices.