When people speak of fantasy sports, many (if not most) will think of football. After all, football is one of the greatest sports out there, and it has one of the biggest followings. Although there is a rise in popularity for other sports such as basketball and baseball (they’ve always been popular, though), American football is still considered America’s favorite sport.

Sports fans will, therefore, not only watch their favorite sport, but they will also know the statistics of each player and team. Most will also participate in fantasy football; creating their own perfect team amongst their friends.

Yet, what happens to sports fans who don’t follow American football? With America being very sports-focused, it’s unlikely for an American to not follow some kind of sport. As previously mentioned, basketball and baseball are also incredibly popular; likewise, soccer is increasing in popularity too. Therefore, sports fans do not have to go without; there is an opportunity for anyone and everyone to create a fantasy sports team to their liking. Here are the top fantasy sports, besides American football.

sports An NFL football sits with a pile of money on a green field


Although American football still clutches the number one spot of most popular sport in America, baseball secures second place. Considered America’s national pastime, baseball has two levels of baseball competition – the minor leagues and the major leagues. It is also a hugely popular sport worldwide. Therefore, for those wishing to create a fantasy baseball league, they’ll have no issue doing so. Ask your current group of friends to create one, or if that’s a bust, go online. Nowadays, you may not be able to enlist legendary Sandy Koufax, however, Clayton Kershaw and Mike Trout are up for grabs.


The most popular sport after American football and baseball, basketball also has an incredible following with an estimated 14,000 attendance each match. It also generates $4.75 billion a year in revenue, and is considered the fasted growing sport in the world with countries creating their own leagues. Like baseball, you’ll have no issue when trying to create a basketball fantasy league. You can either create your own with friends and family, or join one online.


Usually, there’s a rivalry between the Australians and the English, however, cricket also has a following in the States and is slowly growing in popularity. How can you build a fantasy cricket team, though? It’s similar to any other sport, but instead of quarterbacks and point guards, you get a batter, pitcher and fielders. If you’re looking to get into a new sport, cricket could be the next sporting craze to keep you occupied.


Golf may seem like an odd choice considering there isn’t a team of players; yet, fantasy golf is fast-growing. Like every other fantasy league, you can either play for money, free or have you and your friends compete over a trophy like TV show, The League. To play, you and your friends will compile a roster of golfers who will be playing on a specific day or tournament. If you’re unsure as to how to play fantasy golf, read the rules online or enroll in an online fantasy league.